Here's Why You Should Utilize Video in 2019

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The Video Trend in 2019

Just millennials doing millennial things on toast Tuesday eating avocado toast. Well, that was a mouthful of trends. 😆Speaking of trends... ready for 2019's Social Media trends?

From e-commerce social shopping and bots and in-app assistants to micro-influencers and micro-brands, video will be at the top of the trend. 🎥 According to consulting firm Block Party, Stories—the vertical, disappearing videos invented by Snapchat—are now growing 15x faster than feed-based sharing. 80% of social content will also shift to video in 2019. But get this, Facebook stories are predicted to increase in 2019 as well. It's an underutilized feature that isn't being used. If you aren't using Facebook Stories, it might be time to start. There are many advantages to being an early adopter.

Eighty-seven percent of marketers are now using video in their marketing campaigns. The below stats help explain why:

  • 19% increase in open rate when an email subject line mentions the word “video”

  • 80% increase in conversion rate when a video appears on a landing page

  • 90% of consumers say that video can help them make buying decisions

  • 4x more buyers prefer to watch a video about a product than those who prefer to just read about it

Mindblown? 🤯 I'll give you a sec to digest that.

So what does that mean for you and your brand? This social media trend requires a significant shift in focus in 2019 by creating Story-specific content, build some authenticity and personality to your brand, and be creative.

Need some ideas?

  • You can create tutorials showing people how to use your product.

  • Insight on your services, give a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture.

  • Host a takeover with a micro-influencer, expert, or blogger.

  • Run a Q&A on topics that interest your customers.

  • Leverage the look and feel of Stories by utilizing apps like Unfold, Story Art, and StoryLuxe can help tell a cohesive and creative story with their templates.

  • Live Q&As are an excellent place to start.

All-in-all, video makes your brand feel more human by having someone talk to customers in real time. They’re also easy to manage and budget-friendly to run. Don’t worry about scripting beforehand; the goal is to be authentic and engaging in an informal setting.

With Stories and vertical video in general, also comes vertical and mobile-specific ads. Growing your brand does sometimes requires investing in ads. Keep in mind that for your ads to convert and give you a high ROI, they should be eye-catching regarding design, look and feel. They should also be highly targeted and in line with what your audience wants to see, hear or buy.

Since often disappear after, it gives you more wiggle room for fun and experimentation. Stories are overwhelmingly visual and meant to be created and consumed on the fly with nothing more than a smartphone and a creative eye.

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How will you utilize video in 2019?

Image Credit: Lalo Hernandez