Instagram Hashtags: How To Find The Best Ones & Build A Strategy For Maximum Results

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Are you looking to increase your Instagram reach? I know it can be a struggle sometimes with hashtag discovery. You can easily find relevant and top performing hashtags with the new Hashtag Finder 2.0 by Tailwind for free or other sites like

Long are the days of using hashtags in every single social platform. The only places that this truly matters is Instagram and Twitter.

In this post we are going to focus on Instagram, because adding Instagram to your daily social posting is a great way to relay your business vibe and build relationships. Case studies have shown that posting between 1-2x per day on Instagram can increase your results substantially. Adding hashtags to those results further increases your chance of exposure to bigger audiences. More attention = more likes and followers.

And, if you’re lucky enough to have a really popular post with the right hashtags, you could even be in the top findings of the hashtag search for that day!


The Basics of How Hashtags Work

Before we get into it all, let’s do a quick crash course on the basics of how hashtags work.

The primary objective of using your hashtags is to make sure that you post things that people are looking for. At the same time though, it is also essential to use tags that aren’t already saturated and used thousands of times a day, inevitably burying your post in moments below new posts every few seconds.

For example, let’s imagine that you have a post of the sunset. The temptation here might be to use #sunset. This seems logical because people like sunsets and it will get a lot of searches.

But the problem is that it won’t take long at all until your post is buried. There are so many photos with these hashtags that it will only take minutes for your post to be driven to the bottom of the searches.

To get around this then, you need to post images that have hashtags people are going to want to search for. For instance, this might mean a hashtag like ‘dusk’ or ‘twilight.’ Or maybe ‘golden hour’ (a photographic term referring to this kind of light). These terms get searched, but they aren’t so common as to face vast amounts of competition.


Instagram has quickly risen in popularity as a good marketplace to promote digital content, products, and services. The reasons given behind this success is that its quick and easy to use and it enables sellers and vendors to reach much bigger audiences with the addition of hashtags.

Hashtags are how Instagram organizes the content so it can be presented to the right subscribers as part of their feed. Adding trending hashtags to posts makes marketing content more easily discoverable by potential followers and increases engagement with demographics that might not otherwise have been reached. Some of the successful users achieve vast numbers of followers which can, in turn, create a unique tribe or community around a specific brand or product.


An easy way to find out what’s trending is to view people and brands similar to you – like “competitors.” Look to their followers and posts and see the interaction numbers and responses they’re achieving. There’s also a simple to follow video available to guide you step by step using Tailwind for Instagram. Scroll down to skip to the video. Tailwind’s hashtag finder can help you find the most relevant and popular hashtags that relate to you and your business.

Online influencers in your field are also an excellent source of trending hashtags that your communities are likely to support. Google searches for “best Instagram hashtags” will bring up lists of the top 100 hashtags for a specific period like 2018 or “top hashtags” for specific industries such as Wellness or Fashion and Beauty. These lists can provide some great ideas for hashtags, and of course, Instagram offers its own in-app hashtag generator.


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Branded hashtags are specific to an organization. An example would be #Techstore, and this makes sure that the post relates back to your business and followers start to recognize your name.


Community hashtags encourage follower and user participation. It should be a short and catchy hashtag that connects users on the same wavelength around a particular subject such as #whatthetech and relates to the theme of your post.


These hashtags relate to a specific industry like #technology or #software so your posts will be visible to users that have a general interest in this topic or market.


This lets followers know where they can attend an event or special day or even where your offices are located so they can easily find you. #PDXFoodie #OnlyinSF


Adding several hashtags will mean that your content reaches users across different demographics. An example would be #minimalism #liveauthentically #bossbabe #laptoplifestyle. Instagram has space for up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn’t mean you need to use them all, just the relevant ones. A sweet spot is 15-20.


High-Density just means the number of posts associated with a hashtag. If there are thousands of posts then this is high density. There’s a lot of competition to get noticed with this type of hashtag as new posts will be coming through all the time and moving you further down the page, but they’re still a really valuable tool to get your name out there.


Low density really means that the hashtags are more specific and reach a more nuanced target group. These groups usually have a more detailed interest in the subject or product and are like likely to become engaged with your posts much faster than with the high-density hashtags.


Focusing on a targeted strategy for posting will achieve better results as consistency is the key to gaining momentum, even if it’s once or twice a week. The quality of your posts is what will drive engagement not just dumping tons of posts that don’t really offer any value. Stories are a great way of encouraging followers and users to find out more about you and your business. Show your appreciation to your followers by including them in posts, asking questions and interacting with them. Be active and also like their posts and stories, engagement is vital to succeeding on Instagram.

When looking for these kinds of terms, you can also think about particular niches, as well as things that are currently top-of-mind. For example, you should consider posting images that respond to what’s now in the news and what’s currently trending in your niche. If a big event happens, this will likely get a lot of searches, and you can get in on that action before the market is saturated with related posts.

Another strategy is to think about a particular niche or market. I often post images with the hashtag #laptoplifestyle or #liveauthentically which appeals to a specific type of person.

Finally, consider using hashtags that relate to an event or local news. These will be very popular, but the total number of people posting those images will be limited geographically or by attendance. Just been to a conference? Perfect opportunity for some related tags and content!

The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags For Boss Babes – The Full List

Try out some of these recommended hashtags on your next Instagram post and watch your engagement soar

Small business

#onlinebusiness (good)

#homebusiness (best)

#laptoplifestyle (best)





#businessowner (good)

#smallbusinessowner (good)

#beyourownboss (good)

#businessowners (best)

#entrepreneurial (best)

#startups (good)

#entrepreneursofinstagram (best)


Women in business

#femaleentrepreneur (good)

#womensupportingwomen (good)

#ladyboss (good)

#womeninbusiness (good)

#womenempowerment (good)

#bosschick (best)

#womenwhohustle (best)

#womenpower (best)

#wahm (good)

#bosslady (good)

#bosschicks (best)


#contentmarketing (best)

#inboundmarketing (best)





#creativepreneur (good)

#mycreativebiz (best)

#getcreative (good)

#calledtobecreative (good)

#creativelifehappylife (good)

#creativeminds (best)


#digitalmarketing (good)

#onlinemarketing (good)

#emailmarketing (best)

#marketingdigital (good)

#salesfunnel (good)

#internetmarketing (best)

#listbuilding (good)

#leads (best)

#webmarketing (good)

#mktdigital (best)

#growthhacking (best)