The Biggest Mistake You Are Making When It Comes To Social Media

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Hey, you! Want to know the biggest mistake you are making when it comes to social media? It’s intentional planning. This is the BIGGEST mistake. Even more so than sharing personal posts, too much self promotion, not engaging, too much promotion and not ignoring negative comments and reviews.

Social media is a 24/7 marketing and customer engagement process—not a once a week occasion or posting “on the fly.” You need to monitor constantly and interact with customers. You can’t pencil in “social media time” on your Google calendar once a week and hope to be successful. And remember it takes a lot of time and energy.

Planning is important! Don’t start if you have little to spare.

Social Media planning is a big timesaver for your brand and business. But, not knowing what and when to post can set you back, busting your creativity. I get it! I used to be in your shoes, struggling on what to post and when. It would consume so much of my morning that but the time I came up with a post, it was too late to post during that optimal posting window.

This all shifted when when I started to implement what I was helping my clients with and put it into play for myself and my brand. Sure, it takes time to post, but Social Media is a critical part in any businesses marketing plan. By intentionally and carefully planning out my content, this helps me save a lot of time each day.

What should you post?

Ok, so let me break this down for you on what sorts of content you should consider posting when you are developing your social media calendar. But, before we get started, you first need to define your goals or objectives for the month. This will help you with creating a promotional calendar around your business.

Business Promotions – This is content that highlights Promotion. Think Sales, Launches, New Products, New Programs, Special Offers, Free Shipping.

Engaging Content – This is content that is meant to get your customers interacting with you and creating a dialogue with your audience! Could be a funny graphic, asking your audience questions to get them talking, or motivational/thought-provoking quotes.

VALUE – The most important thing to plan out is the value you’re going to provide. How are you contributing to your audience and what makes them stay connected to you? This could be free training, resources, tips, or even stories. Remember, Social is about creating a community and not all about promotion and pushing products and services.

Blog Posts – Sharing blog posts is an excellent way to drive traffic and provide value to your audience. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for this; visually pleasing photos on Instagram to touch on the post is another excellent way.

List Building Posts – These are things that will get your audience to subscribe to your email list. Freebies, Opt In’s, Coupons / Discounts, Newsletters

Curated Content – This is content you share from other people and accounts. Keep a list of 5-10 resources you can pull content from to share with your audience.

Holidays – Is there a holiday you want to celebrate? Maybe it's national donut day, something not relevant to your industry, but it's fun and a great way to show lighthearted brand personality to it.

Personal Posts – Let them see you behind the scenes. These personal posts work well with Stories. It gives a glimpse of who you are, what your brand is about, and show your audience an intimate look into your business. This makes your brand that much more relatable!

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Social Media is a ton of fun

But, when it comes to business and growing your brand, it is another element of marketing that should be carefully planned out.

What else do you need to plan?

  • Schedule – How many times a day are you going to post? This will dictate how many posts you need to schedule

  • Daily Tasks – Responding to messages, researching new hashtags, connecting with influencers

  • Following – Are you going to follow new accounts? Are you coming up with ways to grow your following?

  • Commenting – You should be engaging with all people commenting!

  • Ads – Are you running ads? What’s your objective? Driving traffic, Getting followers, getting opt ins? Plan it out!

  • Sales – What are your sales goals? How many clients do you need?

OK, I get it, this might seem like a ton of things, but all very critical to growth. Social Media is a ton of fun, but when it comes to business and growing your brand, it is another element of marketing that should be carefully planned out. By planning it out first, you can set aside some time each month and week to pre-schedule your content o social. This will ensure your social media marketing is done and you can focus the rest of your month on hitting your goals and growing your business.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to getting the most out of your social media, consider booking my services to help identify your goals and we can set a good strategy for the month, quarter or year. I do offer a FREE 30-Min Consultation!

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