Why You Need To Select Your Angle and Content Topics

Are you selecting your angle and content topics right?

We all know that it's important to invest time and energy into your social media efforts, specifically Instagram marketing for your wellness business.

You know who you're appealing to by getting clear on your ideal client, so now you need to take that information and determine the content you're going to share.

So, your angle…

It's important to know your angle. Just think about how you currently share your services or what you do.

The first thing we have to nail down before making a pitch or writing an article is getting clear on the angle, or the specific reason why someone should care. What are the benefits of your services?

If you're an esthetician, you are licensed to address concerns for anyone with skin, but I don't have to explain to you that areas of skincare vary greatly. From aging skin to sun-damaged, acne-scarred or hyper-pigmented, you can treat them all, but what's your specialty?

For cometic surgeons, you're not exactly looking for clients on social for invasive surgeries; it's more about the non-invasive procedures. You strategy should revolve around new leads around that by providing education posts and results.

Why You Need To Select Your Angel and Content Topics

Finding your angle, niche, and specialty is what will help you stand apart, and again, it all needs to tie back to your ideal client.

What problems and concerns are the most pressing for them to solve first?

Nothing says you can't help someone with aging prevention after you've healed their adult acne. But if your dream client is initially coming to you with their acne problem, that's the primary angle you want to focus on with your content.

The content you're sharing through Instagram marketing as an esthetician exists for two primary reasons:

To attract potential clients

And convert the potential dream clients into bookings

Learn how to optimize your profile to get found by your dream clients, captivate their attention, and turn their scroll into a scheduled consult and booking.

Yes, Instagram marketing can and will help in staying top-of-mind for your current clientele by remaining a consistent presence in their day-to-day lives. The real legwork of client retention happens within the experience you create in your clinic and through other digital marketing channels.

And once you've created a loyal client, you can market your services focused on other results and goals through in-person consults and continued client relationship nurturing. These come through drip and retargeting campaigns. (We'll chat about this next week!)

This is why is beneficial that you cater your angle on Instagram (new client attraction and conversion) toward the area of your health and wellness expertise that you want to be most known for and the biggest concern or problem your ideal client is looking to address or solve.

It's all about creating value!

Taking an angled approach is what allows you to become the "go-to" person in your area for your specific services.

Next, after finding your angle, you want to determine your content topics.

If you're ever left wondering, "what should I post about?" your content topics are the answers to that question.

No matter who your ideal client is and what angle you're approaching, every wellness professional tends to benefit from featuring these four core content topics:

  1. Education and Tips

  2. Client Results, Testimonials, and Stories

  3. Behind-the-scenes

  4. Motivation and Inspiration

Depending on your ideal client and your specialty, there can absolutely be room for more. But these 4 primary topics cover the bases of what a potential client needs to see to solidify their know, like, and trust factor with you.

If you're not familiar with the "know, like, and trust factor" concept, it's essentially the crux of a relationship where someone has had enough exposure to your brand and business to know you. They've reached a level of comfort to determine they like you and has gained confidence in being able to trust you. This transitions them from being a "consideration" phase of their customer journey to a "purchasing" phase.

So, with your WHY, ideal client, and angle in mind, determine what content topics will resonate in a way that grows and deepens your know, like, and trust factor with your ideal client.

Once you’ve implemented all these tips, send us a DM so we can connect with you on Instagram! Tag us, and we’ll show your page some love plus give you any additional pointers to help you improve your profile.