1-Month Content Calendar Template

1-Month Content Calendar Template


Copy-and-paste project templates mean you'll never have to start from scratch again!

Creating an editorial/content calendar from scratch can be a daunting task. I’ve been there, and to save you the headache, I’ve create a full-fledged editorial calendar through a spreadsheet that is easily customizable.

What’s in this Content Calendar Template?

Monthly Calendar

You can generate a list of content ideas to put into a “backlog” list to pull from as you create your content plans for the month. This is a great tab for your editorial or newsletter calendar.

Social Media Weekly Tab

Keep all your content planning at your fingertips with social media tabs where you can write posts that align with your monthly calendar.

Each week gets its own tab, then broken down by day so that you can see a full picture of publication on your various marketing channels for the week. If your publication schedule is less frequent, you can easily revise these tabs instead of months.


Each month has a backlog section that you can use to log ideas that either doesn’t make the cut or might need to be created to fill in a gap. Extend those ideas to your overall backlog tab, and you’ll have a bank of potential content to pull from at any time.

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