Social Media Marketing Analysis

You don't need to hire a social media team to optimize your online marketing efforts. Let me and my team analyze your current social media platforms, efforts, and provide you with a comprehensive strategy and action items you can immediately implement this quarter!

Sometimes another eye is just what you need and with almost a decade of experience in social media, let’s take a look at each of your social media channels.

Here’s what we’ll be able to tell you:

  • How well your business is leveraging your social media.

  • If your posting frequency is in line with your marketing goals.

  • If you are using the appropriate hashtags and if they are working to your advantage.

  • If your response time to customers inquiries is on point and adequate.

  • If your brand message is on target and if your posts are consistent with your look, feel, and tone of your brand.

  • Identify your top followers and influencers and how to better utilize them.  

  • If you are on the right platforms to reach your audience and if your message is right.

  • The best way to calculate ROI on your social media posts for each platform.

  • Type of content you are sharing and recommend new and different content to try.

  • If you are following and engaging with the appropriate people to help move your company's marketing agenda forward.

Social Media Marketing Analysis - .png

Social Media Marketing Analysis starts at $325. But as always, we are open to working within your budget in order to provide you the best solid feedback to help leverage your social media efforts.