NEW! 2019 Blog Content Calendar

Blogging used to be fun and you had no problem coming up with 20 blog post ideas in minutes. Half the time, though, you just were winging it, but it was all working out, nonetheless. I see this far too often with other freelancers, bloggers, and small biz owners.

Much of this comes from not know what to write and when. That is why utilizing a content calendar (editorial calendar) is important. It’s a great way to plan out the month to come, have content themes planned out and avoid the “what should I write about?” I mean, could you imagine your favorite magazine not having an issue this month because, well, they didn’t know what to write about?

Want to know the secret to why many blogs remain popular? Sure, they have epic and useful content that people devour and share, but these blogs remain popular over time partly because they preplan things. And a great way you can do this on your own blog is with a content calendar.

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Here's How A Content Calendar Can Save You Time and Sanity

Social media marketing can be pretty darn overwhelming when you have absolutely no idea what to share when to share and to whom. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone; I see this regularly with new clients. Many businesses tend to go the route of “promotion, promotion, promotion,” with a ton of call to actions (CTA). Let's be real, no one wants to follow a social media account that only talks about themselves. Remember, social media is about engaging with your customers, hence the name social. Give them value by providing them with content they’ll actually want to read and see.

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